Bharat Bachao Rally; All you need to know about!

Varun Vadhvan
December 17, 2019 |
priyanka Gandhi

Bharat Bachao Rally: Inflation, Citizen Amendment Act, and Unemployment Among Key Topics Raised by Congress

New Delhi — Indian politics cannot seem to catch a break as recently held Bharat Bachao Rally has heated the already fierce situation even more. The Congress-led rally was held at the Ramlila Maidan in Delhi on 14 December 2019, and several big names made an appearance there.

Veteran party leaders such as Rahul Gandhi, P Chidambaram, Sonia Gandhi, Priyanka Gandhi, and Manmohan Singh announced the event an attempt to unveil the wrong-doings of BJP and Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Several Congress CMs, namely Bhupesh Baghel (Chattisgarh), Ashok Gehlot (Rajasthan), and Kamal Nath (Madhya Pradesh), were also present at the rally.

Even though the crowd seemed to have countless issues, the recently formed Citizen Amendment Act was the hottest topic during the event. Numerous people present at the rally deemed the CAA (Citizen Amendment Act) to be unconstitutional and an attempt to divide the country based on religion.

The effect of the rally spread all the way over to London, where similar gatherings took place in front of the Indian High Commission. On being asked about the event, President of UK Congress, Kamal Dhaliwal, said, “Our intentions are to expose BJP’s failures.” He went on to criticize the government, saying the Indian economy is in terrible shape while the unemployment rate is increasing as well. He took a shot at Narendra Modi’s campaign Beti Bachao Beti Padhao also, saying Modi cannot save our betis (daughters.)

Former Finance Minister P Chidambaram and Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi also spoke against BJP at Bharat Bachao Rally. Chidambaram said the government had wrecked the country’s economy within six months while Priyanka mocked the slogan “Modi Hai To Mumkin Hai,” asking about unemployment and onion prices in the country.

Rahul Gandhi had earlier made headlines after he let out a controversial statement, saying it is not “Make in India”; instead, it is “Rape in India.” As expected, the comment did not go unnoticed, and several BJP party leaders called Rahul out on it. However, Rahul did not budge from his sentence and even commenced his speech at the rally, saying, “My name is Rahul Gandhi, not Rahul Savarkar.” He went to state that he will not apologize for speaking the truth.

Rahul did not stop here as he accused Narendra Modi to set Northeast on fire. He believed a 4 percent GDP growth to be imprecise as well, stating that if previous methods were applied, then the growth would merely amount to 2 percent.

Party leader Sonia Gandhi took the mic afterwards and taunted BJP asking, “Where did Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas go?” She made a bold statement saying that “saving the nation will be even harder in upcoming times as CAA will rip out country’s soul.” She associated the nation’s situation to “andher nagri chaupat raja,” announcing the country distressed.

Several BJP leaders returned fire at Congress leaders for their statements, the primary target being Rahul Gandhi. BJP leader Ravi Shankar ridiculed the rally, saying Rahul Jamao rally would be a name more suited to the event. GVL Narasimha Rao equated Rahul’s mindset to being worthy of becoming a successor of Muhammed Ali Jinnah, stating Rahul Jinnah is an apt name for the leader.

It was not only BJP leaders who stood against Rahul’s comments as BJP’s long-running supporter Sambit Patra spoke out as well. Sambit stated that Rahul has lost all shame and dignity as comparing “Rape in India” with “Make in India” is outrageous. Patra went on to state if Rahul does need a new name, then BJP would call him “Rahul Thoda Sharam Kar” (have a little shame Rahul) from now on.

Rahul’s “Savarkar” comment did not go well with Shiv Sena too, as the party said Veer Savarkar laid his life down for the nation just like Gandhi and Nehru did.

The situation does not seem to cool down anytime nearby, and it is left to see what the future beholds for the nation. With the capital’s voting upcoming, riots in the city do not pose a good sign for the country.