Pinarayi Vijayan, the Kerala CM Passed the Assembly Resolution Against CAA

Chandni Mohan
December 31, 2019 |

Kerala: The announcement of the CAA act has created a huge difference of opinion among the different political parties and within the BJP government as well. After a huge protest surrounding most of major cities of the country, it is time to hear what Kerala state government has to propose.

On Tuesday, the Chief Minister of Kerala, Pinarayi Vijayan, moved a resolution in the state Assembly which demanded the removal of the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) which has brought so much of controversies among the people of nation.
Although the special that was arranged for a day was summoned to sanction the extension of SC and ST reservation in the Assembly as well as in the Parliament, Pinarayi did not hesitate to voice against the CAA law that has taken the figure of a widespread and serious concerns among public.

The chief minister was concerned about the basis of the act that according to him wasn’t in line with the “secular” outlook and fabric of the nation. He also added that the act like this one would lead to religion- based discrimination when giving citizenship.
As per his statement in the assembly, it read “The Act contradicts the basic values and principles of the Constitution.

He also added, “In view of the anxiety among the people of the country, the Centre should take steps to drop the CAA and uphold the secular outlook of the Constitution.”

The chief minister gave a speech in the assembly and made his standings clear related to the CAA law.
He deemed, “The amendment amounts to division on the basis of religion and has created a wrong picture about our country at the international level. The Citizenship Amendment Act has created apprehensions among Non-Resident Keralites as well. It is under these circumstances that the resolution was moved for discussion.”

Vijayan addressed the members of assembly and tried to outline how India is a secular country that believes and takes pride in unity in diversity. He stressed on the facts that India has survived well despite its diverse geography, different languages and cultures, and called secularism as the foundation of the nation. He warned against CAA saying that it would threaten the existence of the country by threatening secularism.

He said, “We are proud of our secularism and unity in diversity that sustains as a part of secularism. India has been able to survive despite its diverse geography, different languages and cultures, as secularism and unity in diversity forms our foundation. We should remember that when secularism is threatened, it would weaken the existence of the country.”

Moreover, CM accused CAA law for creating widespread indifference and denting the image of the country in front of the international community.

Apart from outlining major concerns as a result of the CAA, Vijayan also ensured of having no detention centres in the southern state in front of the assembly.

The only member of BJP in the assembly, O Rajagopal, did object the resolution stating it to be “illegal” as the CAA act had been passed by both Houses of the Parliament.

The Opposition Congress -led UDF party, however, had demanded the Left government to assemble together for a special session. The session to pass a resolution against the CAA act.